Baby Bullet Review and Notes on Homemade Baby Food

Two posts in one week?!  I know, something has gotten in to me!

When Em was about two months old someone gave me a Baby Bullet for Christmas.  If you’re not familiar with Baby Bullet, it’s a line of products for making home-made baby food.  I was given the whole set; it looked pretty much like this only with the steamer also:


When I received this gift I was pissed!  That’s probably not what you expected me to say but it’s true.  I remember getting in the car and starting a major rant/vent session on my husband that went something like this:

“Seriously? I’m expected to make my own baby food now?! Doesn’t she know I’m going back to work in like 2 weeks, doesn’t she realize I’ll have better things to do than mess with trying to make my own freakin’ baby food?!  This is just going to take up space in my kitchen and sit there making me feel guilty every time I see it.  I’m not opening it, I’m getting rid of it!  What makes her think I’m such a hippie that I’d even want home-made baby food anyway?  What’s wrong with the stuff in the jars?”

Yeah, I know it sounds dramatic.  But, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed about going back to work and it just hit a nerve.  I stuck it in the pantry and decided to think about it later.  Fast forward a few months to when it was time to start Em on solids.  The super matchy “kit” nature of the products appealed to my OCD and all the appliances were so damn happy and smiling, how bad could it be?  I figured I’d try it if for no other reason than to prove that it wasn’t worth the hassle.

But, I was wrong.  It was easy to use and I actually really enjoyed it.  One of my favorite things about the products is that it comes with a “cookbook” and instructions that really takes the guess-work out of it all.  It tells you which foods to try first, gives suggested feeding schedules for different ages, tells you which foods to avoid until the child is older, tells how many servings of baby food each fruit or vegetable will make, etc.  Making the transition from all bottles to table food was confusing to me, especially with my first, but this book makes it easy and it’s very concise.  It’s more like a pamphlet than a book but it’s great!

As far as a review of the products:  I like the steamer and blender but I’m not overly impressed with their quality.  They are kind of small, designed to only make 4-6 servings of baby food at a time.  In some ways this is nice because the appliances don’t take up as much space.  But, if you like to make large quantities at once, you’re probably better off with full size appliances.  One thing I do love the steamer for:  hard-boiled eggs!  It has a little egg tray that allows you to steam 6 eggs at a time and it works beautifully.  Eggs come out perfectly and easy to peel every time with just one push of a button, it’s awesome!

It’s time for C to start getting some real food so I put my baby bullet stuff back to work last night.  Making baby food is an extremely simple process:  peel, chop, steam, puree, freeze.  I made apples, bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, and squash.


I like to use little silicone ice-cube trays to freeze the baby food instead of what came with the Baby Bullet system because the smaller cubes are more appropriate serving size at this age.  And, I mostly just like to make more at one time than what will fit in what came with the BB.

Total Project Time:  An hour and half.

Total Project Cost:  It’s better to think of this project in dollars saved rather than dollars spent.  My produce cost me about $4.00 (I won’t include the cost of the Baby Bullet since mine was a gift and you could easily make this stuff with non-smiling appliances you most likely already own.)  I made the equivalent of about 28 jars of baby food which typically cost about $0.50 each.  So, I saved $10.  That’s not a tremendous savings for over an hour of work.  But, there is the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in my baby’s food and knowing that it’s something I made with love.  …maybe I’m turning into a hippie after all… 🙂