Remember that time…

Remember that time I started a blog and then just disappeared and didn’t post anything for nearly a year?  Yeah, I remember that too…  Pregnancy has a way of doing that to you.  I don’t even think I told the blogosphere I was expecting… But last fall my typical crafting time became sip-gingerale-and-go-to-bed-early time.  I wasn’t doing anything that I thought would be especially interesting and therefore didn’t write about it.  The next thing I knew, a month became two, became 9, became I have a newborn, became I haven’t written in a year.  So, oops!

But, Caleb is sleeping through the night and life is starting to resemble it’s former self.  And last weekend I finished a project for the first time in months.  I thought I’d share:

While doing baking research for Emily’s birthday cake, I stumbled upon an awesome tip:  to make your cakes bake more evenly and flat, wrap a wet towel around them while cooking.  This works like a charm. I didn’t have a dome to cut off my cakes. They were flat enough to stack straight out of the oven, pretty cool!  Unfortunately, trying to safety pin two dishtowels around my cake pans was a bit of a pain.  I had an idea to make little adjustable cake-pan scarves.


I bought an inexpensive dish towel and some large wooden buttons to make my scarves out of. Make sure you choose oven-safe buttons! It’s a pretty simple sewing project after that.

I cut the dish towel twice the width of my finished scarf, and sewed it into a long tube. I chose a width in between the sizes of my two pans so I could use them for either. But, you could easily make custom scarves for each of your cake pans. I stitched along the long edge top and bottom (kind of like quilting it) to keep the scarf flat. Then I added two buttons, one at the right length to go around my 8″ cake pans and one for my 6″ pans. The button hole was by far the most challenging aspect of the project since I had never done one before.

I was quite pleased with the finished result. Here they are, showing one around each size pan.


I’m really excited to have these for my holiday baking!  And they’d make a cute diy gift for any bakers in your family.


Total Project Time:  about 2.5 hours (but, I’m really not much a seamstress and I spent at least half of that time trying to figure out the button holer on my sewing machine…)

Total Project Cost:  $5


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